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How can my university engage with the Living Values project?

The guidelines and web-based toolkit resulting from the Living Values pilot project and elsewhere are freely available on the MCO website. Each university is unique and ideally autonomous and therefore must evaluate the guidance in the context of its specific situation and proceed in a way that best fits its structure and culture and is most likely to deliver sustainable impact. There are many ways of undertaking a review of values. Details of how the pilot universities undertook their reviews can be found here.

More detailed guidance on designing and implementing the process can be found here.

If your university plans to apply to sign the MCU or has already signed it and wants to know how well it is living the values in practice, it may find the guidelines helpful in assessing how successfully your institution has developed and implemented values described in it and what actions enhance their achievement. (The process for applying to sign the MCU is set out on the MCO website).