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How can the MCO help my university use the guidance?

Through developing and piloting the Living Values guidance, the MCO has gained deeper insight into various ways universities can use values to strengthen their academic community and develop and achieve their mission. It has engaged a group of experienced people to work directly and on an individual basis with the pilot institutions. The resources and experience gained during the pilot are freely available to any interested institution.

The MCO plans to continue deepening its knowledge of values and understanding their impact at institutions worldwide by:

  1. researching and identifying how values can have tangible impact for universities;
  2. enhancing the MCO’s intelligence base and therefore its advising capacity;
  3. enhancing the quality and range of its services to signatories;
  4. disseminating publications, including case studies of good practice, at conferences and workshops;
  5. further developing the tools and guidelines in light of insights gained from using them;
  6. enabling its experienced Ambassadors to be advisers and consultants in institutional value development; and
  7. improving understanding of situational variables.

The MCO plans to follow up this pilot project by organising specific dissemination workshops on the findings, possibly hosted by pilot institutions; sharing its findings at other higher education sector events; inviting universities to share their experiences through its website; and making available its Ambassadors and other experienced practitioners to assist universities wishing to use the Living Values guidance. More details can be found here.

Furthermore, in light of its commitment to review the relevance and currency of the MCU and develop a version more fitting for a global cohort of signatories in the 21st century, the MCO will be linking the findings from the Living Values project to the review process.