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What factors can make a Living Values project successful?

Several factors crucial to success are fully articulated in the guidelines. Key among them are:

  • the engagement of relevant stakeholders, internal and external, and their agreement on the need for, design, and execution of the initiative, which creates clear and legitimised ownership and commitment;
  • leadership from the top of the university and buy-in of leaders at various levels;
  • a bottom-up process, including a clear and agreed upon framework and two-way honest and frank communication between those leading and those contributing;
  • a well-managed process with a competent leader;
  • a limited number of critical values;
  • a robust but achievable timescale;
  • a well-informed process supported by accurate and relevant data;
  • a goal of achieving maximum impact, with the understanding that developing and living values is a continuous, iterative, and interactive process.