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32nd Anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum

Sep 24, 2020 09:00 AM to Sep 25, 2020

Where Bologna, Italy

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In 1988, 388 Rectors from mostly European universities met in Bologna to sign the Magna Charta Universitatum: a document that enshrines the essential principles of autonomy, academic freedom, knowledge, research, and teaching, on which the concept of mobility and free international exchange for students, researchers and academics is based.

The 1988 Magna Charta recognised links between universities, particularly in a European context. However, in the last decade, the MCO's signatory base has expanded significantly, involving an increasing number of universities from all over the world. This and other developments pointed to the need to develop a new version of the document, one that recognises issues arising from our fast-changing world and takes a truly global perspective. To this end, the Magna Charta Observatory initiated a discussion with its signatory universities and other bodies to ascertain how academic values ​​could have more impact within universities and the external structural contexts that shape them. This led to a view that the revised version of the Magna Carta should reflect the perspectives of both leadership and the whole academic community and should explicitly include concepts such as diversity, inclusion, social responsibility and university citizenship.

Simultaneously the Living Values ​​project was being developed and piloted. This enabled universities to review their values, identify the leading principles that will guide their strategy and behaviour and help them to become stronger and more cohesive communities and more effective for their various communities. 

On the 24th and 25th of September 2020, during the celebrations for the Anniversary of the Magna Carta Universitatum, we would be honoured to have all signatory universities with us to hear the results of the profound reflections. It will be an effective opportunity to understand more about the Living Values project and to explore aspects of the new text of the Magna Charta.