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Living Values Project: new guidelines and resources for universities

New guidelines to help universities globally develop and operate more effectively have been launched by the Magna Charta Observatory.

The Living Values guidelines have been developed with senior experts and piloted with very different universities in nine countries.

Values are becoming increasingly important for universities globally as they face greater complexity and uncertainty. By identifying and operating effectively in accordance with well-chosen values a university can strengthen its community, build trust with it stakeholders and perform more effectively.

The guidelines and resources are freely available on line to enable universities to define, achieve engagement with and live effectively in accordance with their values. Evidence from the experience of the pilot universities is included to provide support and challenge.

MCO Ambassadors can assist individual universities for a fee. Regional workshops will be held. Find out more about the Living Values Project at these pages:

Living Values Prospectus:

Living Values Guidelines and tool box:

Published on 31 October 2018