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MCO at Congress of the Americas on International Education (CAEI)

Bogota, Colombia, October 23rd, 2019

MCO Secretary General David Lock led a session at the CAEI conference in Bogota on the draft new Magna Charta on 23 October. After setting out the reasons for preparing a new Magna Charta, participants followed by confirming that the changed circumstances facing higher education across the world were also evident in South America. There was strong support for the values and principles that were included in the draft.

Elsewhere in the conference, there was evidence aplenty that higher education is becoming ever more international. For Canada, and other countries, internationalisation was a national strategy with significant investment to support it. The involvement of multiple ministries was a further sign of ‘joined-up’ strategies.

Strategic international partnerships were a significant component of these strategies. Good judgement in the forming of these partnerships was vital for their success. Signature of the Magna Charta Universitatum provided information about the values of universities which could start to form the basis of trust.

The conference, which was attended by 800 participants, did not just feature universities from the Americas. Delegations were there from Germany, Hungary, New Zealand and Asia Pacific countries.

Other sessions focused on preparing ‘future ready’ education. The importance of promoting innovation in conjunction with stakeholders, developing new teaching methods, leading the response to the UN sustainable development goals and developing science diplomacy also featured.

A number of university rectors expressed their intention to apply to sign the MCU. So, hopefully, the MCO will connect with them again in Bologna in September 2020.


Published on 25 October 2019