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MCO on Promoting Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship Education: the role of Education in a Globalized World Bologna, 8-9 May 2017

The MCO will participate in the conference on Global Citizenship, organised by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of University and Research, the Conference of Italian University Rectors and the Observatory of the Magna Charta 

Promoting Global Citizenship and Sustainability Education means working on the values, knowledge, competences and attitudes that students require to cooperate for engaging with the most pressing societal challenges, in order to make sustainable development an achievable goal. Those challenges include the environment, the need to promote healthy lifestyles, food security and nutrition, poverty and economic sustainable development, peace, democracy and de-radicalization, awareness of cultural heritage, diversity, migration and technological change.

The conference will let the stage to institutional speakers, including Ministers, international organizations, civil society organization, think tanks, academics and international experts, among them MCO Council members, that will discuss "case studies" and share good practices.

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Published on 20 April 2017