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Variety: another key element to achieving excellence for universities

MCO President Sijbolt Noorda recently raised a crucial issue for the academic world. Universities are not celebrating variety as much as they should do. While we are all striving to fit into the same model, our world need many different higher education institutions, each of them serving a specific educational path.

"The excellence delusion is one of the most [dangerous] diseases of higher education. [Every leader of every institution is] pretending to serve the same community, doing excellent work with excellent quality, though almost none of them [are] succeeding at actually training students in a way that would have been able to prevent the financial crisis"

"We need many, many types of institutions of higher education .... working within the space together — there’s not one way right in all situations, it’s very much dependent on the requirements of the community, of the specific educational path that you want to serve.”

We strongly believe that the Magna Charta Observatory will continue to serve as a tool to integrate various cultural and knowledge backgrounds, in such a way that different paths in education, research, social engagement are valued and celebrated.


Published on 26 April 2018