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The Program

University Autonomy and Human Resources

University of Bologna Rectorate, Via Zamboni 33



Tuesday 17 September 2002

The strategic point of view :

from individual creativity to institutional responsibility


The management point of view

from academic freedom to institutional efficiency




The operational point of view

from the protection of the person to the flexibility of the institution.


Arguments for a creative human resources policy

towards a community of knowledge creators and providers


Sala dell'VIII Centenario - Università di Bologna -
Palazzo Poggi - Via Zamboni 33  

Gala dinner

hosted by Prof. Pier Ugo Calzolari, Rector of the University - also attended by the university rectors who arrived during the afternoon for the signature of the Magna Charta the following day


Wednesday 18 September 2002

the Ceremony for the Signature of the Magna Charta Universitatum


Aula Absidale, Santa Lucia - Via Castiglione 36

Press conference

and Highlights from the Seminar on
University Autonomy and Human Resources


Aula Magna, Santa Lucia - Via Castiglione 36

Welcome and introductory remarks

Signing the Magna Charta


Closing remarks