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2003 - XV Anniversary

Managing University Autonomy in terms of Research

University of Bologna Rectorate
Via Zamboni 33


14-16 September 2003




In the series of conferences dedicated by the Magna Charta Observatory to the universities’ capacity for autonomous decision-making (as it reflects in their institutional responsibilities), each yearly meeting is exploring aspects of management, curricula development, staff renewal, collective decision-making or, in 2003, research, basic or applied. The topic was referred to by Claude Allègre, the former French Minister of Education, when he addressed the launch event of the Magna Charta in September 2001, and referred to his experience at MIT:

Publication in the American system does not pre-empt patenting but this has unwanted consequences as ideas for patenting become “precious” all along the research development line. Therefore, in some departments, the students are forbidden to give any seminar linked to their research. As a result, students are completely blocked, marginalised in the academic community; indeed, should they give a seminar, they could pass on information to competitors, often colleagues of their own lab, if not of a neighbouring institute. Worse still, some time in the same laboratory, you have one student working for one firm, a pharmaceutical company, for instance, and another student working for another: they are not allowed to discuss their work, even if (especially if) their research has important areas of commonality. How can the university survive such a forced fragmentation of knowledge ?


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