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2010 - XXII Anniversary

Making The Magna Charta Values Operational - Teory and Practice

Aula di Santa Lucia, University of Bologna
Via Castiglione 36


16-17 September 2010




On 18 September 1988, in the presence of many political leaders and represetatives of the society, 388 rectors from Europe and beyond signed the Magna Charta Universitatum. The document has since become the major reference for the fundamental values and principles of the university.

Meanwhile the Magna Charta has been signed by some 600 rectors from all over the world and each year more university commit themselves to the principles laid out in the Magna Charta. The higher education scene has developed significantly since 1988 but the relevance of the Magna Charta has remained unchanged.


The 16th September 2010, the Magna Charta Observatory organised a conference to commemorate the 22nd anniversary and to discuss on Making the Magna Charta Values Operational. The idea was to offer an authoritative input to participants, who introduced their own experience, perspectives and suggestions in working groups. This has been followed by the main plenary where moderators of working groups have reported, as panellists, to the whole audience. Participants had have the opportunity to react and intervene in this plenary-panel entitled The Magna Charta Principles and Values in the Daily Routines of a University. On 17 th September, the Magna Charta Observatory, together with the University of Bologna arranged, as every year, the academic ceremony that allowed 61 universities that have not yet signed the Magna Charta to do so.


Write to us if you wish to sign the Magna Charta Universitatum