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Welcome remarks


Ivano Dionigi, Rector, Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, Italy

Marco Mancini, Chief of University and Research Department - Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and Past President of the Conference of Italian University Rectors

Opening Remarks and Highlights of the Observatory Activities


Üstün Ergüder, Former President, Magna Charta Observatory Council

Sijbolt Noorda, New Elected President, Magna Charta Observatory Council

1st Session

Keynote Speeches


Maria-Helena Nazaré, President, European University Association, Portugal

Mohamed Fathy Saoud, President, Qatar Foundation, Qatar

Chair: Stefano Paleari, Board Member, European University Association, Italy

2st Session

Plenary Discussion: creativity, learning and academic freedom


Hassam Badrawi, Chairman, Nile Badrawi Foundation for Development & Education, Egypt

Fernando Galan, Vice-Chairperson, European Students' Union, Belgium

Emile Wilberg, Norwegian Students' and Academics' Internationa Assistance Fund

Moderated by: Eva Egron-Polak, Magna Charta Observatory Council Member and Secretary General of International Association of Universities - AIU, France

3st Session

Challenges to the modern higher education: marketisation and creative new skills


Amin Mahmoud, Minister of Higher Education, Jordan

Agneta Bladh, Magna Charta Observatory Council Member and EU high level group on

Modernisation of Higher Education, Sweden

Sultan Abu Oraby, Secretary General, Association of Arab Universities, Jordan

Jaume Pagès, CEO, Universia, Spain

Moderated by: Mohamed Loutfi, Magna Charta Observatory Council Member and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

4st Session

Universities and cities: fostering creative learning environments


Doroty Kelly, Vice-Rector of University of Granada, Spain, President of Coimbra Group

Antoinette Charon Wauters, Director of International Relations, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Masayuky Sasaki, Director Urban Research Plaza, Professor Osaka City University and,

UNESCO Creative Cities representative, Japan

Moderated by: Luciano Saso, Steering Committee Member of the Network of the Universities from the Capitals of Europe, UNICA, Rome, Italy

Interventions from the Audience and Plenary Discussion