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The Audio

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2. Open the file with a program that can read mp3 format
3. Hear the audio (timing here below)

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Welcome and Introduction

Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University
Sijbolt Noorda, President, Magna Charta Observatory Council

P1: 11m55sec


Keynote Speech I
Fact-Based View on Global Health

Hans Rosling, Professor at Karolinska Institute, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Gapminder Foundation and Honorary Doctor at Uppsala University

P2: 48m52sec


Keynote Speech II
Academic Conundrum in Maintaining Autonomy and Integrity

Teboho Moja, Clinical Professor of Higher Education at New York University, Former Executive Director and Commissioner to the National Commission on Higher Education appointed by President Mandela.

P3: 40m04sec


Keynote Speech III
Universities at the Crossroads of Stakes and Values

Sijbolt Noorda, President, Magna Charta Observatory Council

P4: 41m37sec


Magna Charta and University Integrity: Yesterday, Today and in the Future

Sverker Sörlin, Professor of Environmental History, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Erin Nordal, Vice-Chair European Students’ Union
Martina Vukasovic, Ghent University; Council Member, Magna Charta Observatory
Bengt Gustafsson, Professor of Astro Physics, Uppsala University
Moderator: Shirin Ahlbäck Öberg, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University

P5: 01h17m23sec


Highlights of the Observatory Activities and Next Year’s Event in Bologna

David Lock, Secretary General Designate, Magna Charta Observatory

P6: 17m22sec