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Living Values Seminar in Moscow

Moscow, Russia - May 30th 2019

RUDN University (Moscow, Russia) hosted a seminar on the Living Values project in conjunction with the Magna Charta Observatory (Bologna, Italy) on 30 May 2019. Seventy rectors, vice-rectors and other staff from 18 universities of Russia and CIS countries participated in the seminar.


RUDN University was one of the ten universities chosen to pilot the Living Values project a year earlier and the purpose of the seminar was to share both the learning from that experience and the subsequent developments in the University with universities from CIS countries. The seminar focused on the formation and promotion of living values in higher education institutions and the influence of universities’ living values on governments and society.


The Rector of RUDN University, member of the Russian Academy of Education, and Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Filippov moderated the seminar. He welcomed a range of internal and external stakeholders, including the chairman of the Student Council, university staff and the President of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The President of the Council of the Magna Charta Observatory Sijbolt Noorda and the Secretary General, David Lock, spoke on the relevance and context of the project, how it could be of value to universities and the experienced gained by the pilot universities. They introduced the tool box which had been developed from the pilot project which was now internationally available on the MCO’s website.


RUDN University’s experience of implementing the Living Values project was shared by the rector and a number of other staff members and the chairman of the Student Council. A range of other speakers contributed their insights on identifying living values and the challenges dealing with contradictions between particular values chosen by universities; the value orientations of Russian youth and Russian Federation citizens; Universities’ living values through teachers’, researchers’, administrators’ and students’ eyes and the results of sociological research based on RUDN living values.


Participants were invited to adopt the Living values approach in their own universities.  To assist them and other universities which were conducted in the Russian language, RUDN University had translated the Living Values Prospectus, Guidelines and evidence from the universities which had piloted the project into Russian. In recognition of this the President of the MCO presented a certificate of appreciation to the Rector of RUDN.


Specific findings from the seminar were noted by each of the participants along with more widely applicable recommendations including:

  • The optimal number of values is between 3 and 5 so they can be remembered and implemented;
  • Integral values of universities include academic freedom, equality, honesty, inclusiveness and others;
  • Universities should promote their values in their communications generally and social media in particular;
  • Aligning the personal values of staff, students and stakeholders with the university’s corporate values creates a stronger position for all;
  • Values that look controversial can be implemented into everyday life of higher education institutions on different levels – individual and corporate.


Other presenters at the seminar included the President of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Deputy of Moscow City Duma Vladimir Platonov, President of the International University Sports Federation, Oleg Matytsin, Director on development of the Fund “Public Opinion” Larisa Pautova, Head of the youth sociology department of the Institute of Socio-Political Research of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) Yulia Zubok, rectors and vice-rectors of leading Russian and CIS countries’ universities such as Moscow pedagogical state university, Moscow Institute of physics and Technology (MIPT), Belorussian-Russian university, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic university and other participants.


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