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MCU at ESU Convention to discuss about "European Education in 2030"

Helsinki, 15-18 September 2019

Secretary General David Lock and MCU 2020 Group student member Tamires Gomes Sampaio led a session at the European Students' Union Convention in Helsinki.

The convention was entitled 'European Education in 2030'. It was attended by over 100 student leaders and hosted by SYL, the National Union of University Students in Finland.

The MCO team presented the work to date on the new Magna Charta 2020 and sought the input of delegates. 

Students welcomed the draft, and particularly the fact that they had been consulted about it. 

They suggested enhancements which reflected what they had to offer in the learning process as co-participants in the creation of knowledge and decision making and governance of universities. They wanted sustainability to feature more strongly and Life Long Learning to be mentioned more.

They felt that there should be more mention of the academic and other expectations of students regarding preparation for their careers and the value which a university education adds.

It was felt that there should be more emphasis on the global, rather than the national regarding the locale in which universities operated. Also, it was felt that there should be greater emphasis on climate change and sustainability.

These, and the hundreds of other comments from the wide consultation with MCU signatories, national and international higher education associations and many specialists from around the globe, will feature in the MCO's annual conference in Hamilton, Canada on 16 and 17 October details of which can be found at Registration is still open but closes on 1 October.

Secretary General David Lock said 'This is a once in a generation opportunity to define the expectations of universities globally, to guide their response and set out the fundamental values necessary for success. I hope that as many university leaders, staff, students and other stakeholders will come and contribute their expertise to this important work.'