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Universities and the media: A partnership in institutional autonomy?

Proceedings of the Seminar of the Magna Charta Observatory 17th September 2004
Universities and the media


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Dr. Andris Barblan
Secretary General Magna Charta Observatory, Bologna


The University’s Role in a Media Universe
Prof. Umberto Eco
President Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici University of Bologna


Inside the Knowledge Society: Opportunities and Threats for Universities and the Media
Prof. Peter Scott
Vice-Chancellor, University of Kingston, England
Former Editor in chief, Times Higher Education Supplement


Beyond Lying
Xavier Mas de Xaxàs
La Vanguardia, Barcelona


The Social Role of (in)-Forming Citizens: from Need to Accomplishment of Freedom and Autonomy
Francesca D’Ingianna
University of Bologna


Magna Charta Universitatum

Declaration of Rights and Obligations of Journalists
The “Munich Charter”