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Managing University Autonomy - Collective Decision Making and Human Resources Policy

Proceedings of the Seminar of the Magna Charta Observatory 17 September 2002
atti 2002



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Changing Paradigms in Higher Education Policy

I.1.Boundary Work:Modelling Interaction between University and Society

I.2.University Autonomy and Academic Freedom

I.3.Typology of University Management Styles and State-University Relations


Special Case Studies

Decision-Making Structures and Human Resources Management in Finland,France,Greece,Hungary,Italy,The Netherlands,Spain and the United Kingdom

II.1.Recent University Reforms and the Accompanying Rhetoric of Change

II.2.Decision-Making Structures between Autonomy and External Control

II.2.1.The Changing "Basic Philosophy" behind Decision-Making Mechanisms

II.2.2.Restructuring Decision Making within the Universities

II.2.3.Relations between the University,Politics and Society: The Changing Meaning of Autonomy

II.3.Human Resources Management:Relations between Individual Aspirations,External Expectations and Institutional Targets

II.3.1.A Shift in the General Vision of Academic Staff

II.3.2.Staff Structures,Career Models and Selection Mechanisms: Abstract Policies and their Realisation

II.3.3.From Staff Administration to Human Resources Management:Some Indicators for Change