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Ms Eva Egron-Polak

Secretary General, International Association of Universities, Paris, France
Eva Egron-Polak

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Eva Egron-Polak, Secretary General, International Association of Universities (IAU)
Eva Egron-Polak was educated in the Czech Republic, Canada and France.  She studied French Literature, Political Science and International Political Economy.  During nearly 20 years at the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) she has held several senior positions including Vice President, International, prior to becoming the Secretary General of IAU in 2002.   
At IAU, an independent, global association of universities and associations of higher education institutions based at UNESCO in Paris, Eva Egron-Polak  is involved in various policy issues in higher education – internationalization,  provision of equitable access to and success in higher education, the contribution of higher education to sustainable development, to the Millennium Development Goals, among others, with a continuing preoccupation with issues of ethics, academic values and higher education’s responsibility to society. 
Eva Egron-Polak is a member of many committees at UNESCO, the European Commission, OECD, etc.  She serves as a Member of Council at Mykolas Romeris University in Lithuania, and is a member of international advisory bodies in the Netherlands, Ireland and Romania. She has taken part in system level reviews of higher education in Egypt and Spain. She has co-authored the 3rd Global Survey Report on Internationalization of Higher Education in 2010, and written and presented numerous papers on a variety of higher education topics.

Her mandate as Council member started on September 22nd,2012 and her second  mandate will expire the 21st September, 2020.