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Take advantage of your trip to Cape Town and attend the MCO / SARUA leadership dialogue

Pre-event to the Going Global 2016 conference - 3 May 2016

The event will focus on the future of Open Access publishing of African scholarly research against the backdrop of global shifts in how Open Access is applied.

By evaluating what is happening in regions such as Latin America and Europe and reflecting on the values underpinning Open Access publishing, higher education decision-makers will have the opportunity at this event to contribute to an initial position on how Africa and its sub-regions should address research publishing.

The timing of the event is ideal, since the global debate is shifting to less dogmatic ways of interpreting Open Access.

African higher education stakeholders have a unique opportunity to shape this debate for continent and world by participating in this event


You will find here the complete programme, invitation and registration form.

Published on 7 April 2016