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The Obsevatory is asking for your support

We share with you news of activities at the Magna Charta Observatory and to seek your input and support for the further development of its work.

Last year the Observatory organised 4 international events, in fulfilment of its new strategy: Cape Town, Amman, Sao Paulo and Bangkok. (see the session Past Events). Some 250 people attended from 60 countries.

We monitored the situation in Turkey and offered support.

This year we have started by holding a workshop with Glasgow Caledonian University, attended by 40 senior leaders from 13 different countries (click here for details).  

Participants in our events receive the tools to enhance the capacity of their universities to achieve greater impact from their values.

There is much more to be done:

We are in the process of developing resources that will help to inform the design of a self-evaluation aid and a manual for use internationally to support institutions who wish to work on shared values among staff and students.

We are in talks to develop our research capacity

Two further events are being planned, one of which is our anniversary at Pécs, Hungary on 30 -31 August to coincide with the 650th anniversary of that university. You are very welcome to participate! Further details will follow soon.

For all this to happen we need your engagement and support.With your help we can continue our activities and improve the way in which we do it.

We should be very grateful if you would make a donation. Click here to see how to make it.

If your university is a large one and is able, we hope that you might be able to donate €1,000 or more if you are able, or less if you are a smaller university. .

If you need more information we invite you to view the introductory video-presentation or contact us.
We invite you to ‘Like’ us on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.


Published on 2 March 2017