XX Anniversary Commemorative Video on YouTube

We are very happy to introduce this short movie that we produced to remember the signature of Magna Charta and its principles.

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That principles are an explication of the idea of freedom: the freedom that since the beginning identified the history of the university. The body’s freedom, over the all: in fact, Bologna was the first European city that abolished the slavery. The freedom of scientific research, the free dialogue with the religious truth, the freedom of movement of the people that passed through the universities along the centuries. Scholars and professors that created, across the borders, a common European culture, the freedom, at last, to teach and to affirm the primacy of the consciousness and of thought.

Those ideas were peculiar of the university at the moment of his born like today: and it is for this reason why this movie crosses past and present, showing you the abolishment of slavery and the laurea honoris causa to Nelson Mandela; the Galileo’s telescope and the laurea honoris causa to Andreij Sacharov, the theological medieval tradition and the visit of Pope Woijtyla, the picture of Desiderio Erasmo and the students that currently visit our universities thanks to the Erasmus project. 

These moral values, this original spirit, live into the Magna Charta, signed exactly twenty years ago.

Published on 18 November 2014