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08 MAY
09 MAY 2024

Special Events

Fundamental values of higher education: the UK, Europe, and the World

King’s College London

The Magna Charta Observatory is pleased to be supporting Kings College London with the following two activities which will take place in London on 8 and 9 May.

Concluded events

06 DECEMBER 2023

Special Events

Engagement with Civil Society – experience from Latin America

Online event

First-hand perspectives from Latin America

25 OCTOBER 2023

Magna Charta Anniversaries

Universities and Re-Construction of Cities: the Role of Research and Education

University of Lodz

Anniversary of the Magna Charta Universitatum - MCU2020 in collaboration with the University of Lodz

04 MAY 2023

Special Events

Students Leading University Community Engagement:

Online event

what more can be done and how should it be recognized?

30 MARCH 2023

Special Events

MCO partner of Epoka University in the EGI 2023 Conference

Tirana, Albania

Challenges in the Western Balkans: Infrastructure and Development in the Region

18 MARCH 2023

Special Events

MCO at AArU General Conference 2023

Sousse, Tunisia

The case for student involvement in university governance - Presentation by the MCO

16 FEBRUARY 2023

Special Events

The roots of academic freedom – Underlying values and human rights perspectives

Online event

What would be the content of academic freedom as a human right, and what the benefits of recognising it as an enforceable human right?

19 JANUARY 2023

Special Events

The Responsive and Responsible University

Online event

Launch of the MCO Research Project and invitation to MCU signatories to participate

05 DECEMBER 2022

Special Events

Inaugural session of the Kings College London Presidential series for 2022-23


Is there a need to reimagine academic freedom?

21 NOVEMBER 2022

Special Events

MCO at CzeduCon 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

An official event of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union

17 NOVEMBER 2022

Special Events

MCO at WAHED - World Access to Higher Education Day

Online event

04 NOVEMBER 2022

Special Events

Living your values for the common good: a conversation with Pamela Gillies - MCO Webinar

Online event